Can Kara achieve her dream? Can Richie help?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 58

Sitting in her classroom at the end of the week, Kara glanced out the window. The ugly March day matched her mood. The sky was gray with thick clouds and the air was damp with a late winter mist that would leave even the hardiest soul with a chill. Kara shivered just thinking about the walk to her car. Gathering her things she bundled herself up and headed for home.

Once tucked in at home she stroked her throat as she sipped her tea. She had hoped by now her throat would be better, but she really couldn’t ignore it any longer. There was obviously something more wrong than she wanted to believe. She could barely talk today and every time she swallowed it felt like trying to swallow a golf ball. She would have to call the doctor. With a sigh she set her mug aside and looked at the clock. That call would have to wait until Monday though.

Grabbing her laptop she booted it up, intending to do a bit of research on her sore throat when she noticed that Richie was on line. She smiled as she typed out a quick hello.

karad: Hey you…

As she was typing the words sore throat in the WebMD search bar she got pinged back.

bluesguyatheart: Hey yourself Princess.
bluesguyatheart: how are you?

karad: I’m okay I guess. I miss you.
karad: how’s Connecticut?

Richie studied his computer screen. He knew Kara hadn’t been exactly one hundred percent when she came to Philadelphia. He wondered if it was still her throat that was bothering her. Every time they spoke on the phone she had sounded like she was losing her voice.

bluesguyatheart: I miss you too Princess.
bluesguyatheart: is your throat still giving you trouble?

karad: yeah
karad: I was just doing a little research to see what I could do about it.

bluesguyatheart: why not just go to the doctor

karad: can’t call until Monday

Kara settled further into her chair. She wanted to change the subject; she was tired of talking about her health.

karad: how are the shows going?
karad: still want me to come out next month?

bluesguyatheart: the shows are great.
bluesguyatheart: they make up for all the other shit we have to do on tour.
bluesguyatheart: honestly…
bluesguyatheart: I want you here all the time Princess

karad: I’d be there with you if I could babe
karad: Easter break will be here before we know it.

bluesguyatheart: I know.
bluesguyatheart: It doesn’t make the wait any easier.

karad: I know.
karad: why aren’t you with the guys?

Richie glanced at his watch; he was supposed to meet them for dinner soon.

bluesguyatheart: actually we’re going to dinner in a bit.

karad: I’m going to make myself something and watch a movie
karad: how exciting is my life? LOL

bluesguyatheart: I’d take a quiet night in with you anytime Princess.

Richie had no sooner hit enter when the pounding on his door started. “Come on man, let’s go!” He shook his head, Kara’s night in was sounding better and better to him.

bluesguyatheart: brb

Opening the door he was surprised to see only Jon standing there. Standing back he let him in, “just give me a minute would ya?” Jon wandered over to the table and looked at the computer, hesitating briefly before hunting and pecking at the keys.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Jon ignored him and hit send.

bluesguyatheart: hey Miss D’Angelo, how’s it going?

Kara stared at her screen who is that?

karad: I’m fine, who is this?

Jon scrolled back a few posts to see what they had been chatting about.

bluesguyatheart: what movie are you going to watch Princess?

Now Kara was totally confused. She was sure it wasn’t Rich, but with the princess stuck in there she couldn’t be sure. Picking up her phone she sent a text off to Richie.

[7:15 pm] who’s on your computer?

karad: Failure to Launch, have you seen it?

bluesguyatheart: no, not really my kind of movie.

Richie smirked when he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He quickly sent off a response to her.

[7:16 pm] Jon

Kara shook her head in amusement as she typed.

karad: hey Jon, you going to drag Rich off to dinner now?

Jon laughed as he typed.

bluesguyatheart: what gave me away, the Miss D’Angelo?
bluesguyatheart: yeah, the guys are waiting on us downstairs.

karad: only you and my students call me Miss D’Angelo
karad: put Rich back on for a sec?
karad: enjoy your dinner.

Jon stepped away from the computer “she wants to talk to you man” he told Richie as he moved past him.

Richie elbowed him as he went by, “of course she does you ass. I’ll meet you downstairs.”

He waited for Jon to leave before turning back to his computer.

bluesguyatheart: sorry about that Princess.
bluesguyatheart: I should go though. The guys are waiting on me.

karad: it’s okay
karad: go eat. Have a good time.

bluesguyatheart: I’ll call you later.
bluesguyatheart: I love you princess.

Kara smiled at her screen.

karad: I love you too.
karad: talk to you soon.

Kara closed her computer, setting it on the floor beside her. She rested her head against the back of the chair thinking about Richie and his promise of a phone call later. She only hoped he waited until he was alone, she didn’t want to end up talking to Jon again

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