Can Kara achieve her dream? Can Richie help?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Chapter 28

Boarding the plane, Richie found himself a seat at the back, seeking the solitude and relative quiet. Jon’s words played in his head as he booted up his laptop. “You’re toast”. He knew it, had known it since he met her on Christmas Eve. Without conscious thought he opened her email and played the video again, just so he could see her face, hear her voice. He wished she would send him a picture.

He shut down the computer and closed his eyes, thinking back to New Year’s Eve. She had looked so damn sexy kneeling on the bed in nothing but her underwear. Her parting words at the airport echoed in his head, “didn’t want you to forget you owed me more.” He chuckled wondering what her reaction would be when she saw what he picked up for her in Japan for her birthday.


Kara spent the next day going over the songs for the upcoming faculty night and when she had a list she thought would work she called Jen to run it by her. She also had something else she was working up the courage to ask Jen to do for her. She wanted to send Richie a picture but the only ones she had of herself were school pictures. She had no desire to send him one of those and Jen was the only one she trusted enough to take the type of picture she was considering.

She sat on her couch, phone in one hand, glass of wine in the other and just decided the hell with it and dialed the phone.

“Hello Kara, how are you?” Jen knew right away who was calling when her phone rang.

Kara laughed, “I’m fine Jen. Are you busy?”

“Not really, what’s up?” Jen was just catching up on laundry, nothing that couldn’t really wait.

“Can you come over? I want you to run something by you.” Kara didn’t want to go into it over the phone.

Ten minutes Kara was ushering Jen into her apartment. “What do you need me to do Kar?”

Kara took deep breath, “I want to show you the list of songs I decided on but, more importantly, I want you to take a picture of me so I can send it to Richie.”

Jen looked closely at Kara, “you want me to take your picture? What kind of picture are we talking about here?”

Kara felt her face heat up, “the not so prim and proper kind.”

Jen took her coat off and hung it on the door knob and turned to face Kara, a smile on her face, “show me what you want.”

Kara led Jen to the bedroom, “I want it to be sexy, not slutty.”

Jen rolled her eyes, “of course.”

Kara shed her jeans and sweater, opting for a silky camisole and matching bikini panties in midnight blue. The top was cropped enough where her belly piercing showed and there was a healthy amount of her lower abs bared before you got to the top of her underwear. She had considered wearing the underwear from New Year’s but decided it might be better to cover up a little more, just in case he decided to share.

Bending over she shook out her hair and with a slight toss sent it over her shoulders, letting it settle however it chose. She crawled up on her bed and knelt near the edge, much like she had once before. She looked over at Jen, “well?”

Jen gave her a broad smile and picked up the camera, “I think he’s going to love it.” Kara cocked her head slightly to one side and Jen snapped a couple of pictures.

Kara slipped into her robe and they took the camera out to her computer. She liked two of them and decided to send one now and to save the other one for another time.

Subject: Hi, it’s me

Hi! I was sitting here at my computer (looking at a picture of you) and thought I would send you a note. How is Australia? Warm I bet. Wish it was here.

I’ve attached a gift. Let me now how you like it. I miss you and hope you aren’t working too hard and are having a good time. I have finalized my list of songs for the faculty night. I wish you could be there, but I know you can’t. You don’t have a student at the school. Oh well, you’ve heard me sing anyway.

Thought of another question, inquiring minds you know. Are you really color blind?


She attached one of the photos and hit send before she could change her mind.

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