Can Kara achieve her dream? Can Richie help?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 42

Kara woke early the next day. She was going to call Jen and see if they were available to get together. Richie wanted to meet her friends, she was just afraid of what her best friend might do. Hopefully she wouldn’t totally lose control. She picked up the phone and hoped for the best.

By the time Kara got off the phone she was laughing and sure she would never hear properly out of her right ear again. Jen had squealed, actually squealed when Kara asked about getting together. She and Richie were expected over there for brunch at noon. With a smile she went to wake Richie and let him know.

Stopping in the doorway she looked over to her bed and the dark head that rested on the pillow next to hers. He must be having a good dream, his full soft lips were curved into a slight smile. She crossed the room, dropping her robe on the way and slid back into the bed next to him.

“Morning princess.” She looked up at him, “you’re awake?” He hadn’t even opened his eyes or moved when she got into the bed.

He rolled over and wrapped his arm around her, “not really but we could remedy that.”

She closed her eyes as his lips found her shoulder, “oh, what did you have in mind?”

He slid his hand around to cup her breast, “let me show you.”

He kissed his across her shoulder and up her neck, nudging her hair out of the way and nuzzling up behind her ear. “I like your remedy so far” she sighed as his tongue traced the shell of her ear. She turned her head and as their lips met his hand slid from her breast, down across her belly, teasing the butterfly there before moving lower. He swallowed her groan as his fingers slid inside, she was already wet for him.

She grabbed his forearm as his fingers teased and tantalized, pushing her over with a near scream before replacing his fingers with the hard length of him. “Jesus princess, so good.” He held her close as he moved, slowly at first, enjoying the feeling of her fisting around him. He nipped at her shoulder and her neck, his hand cupped her breast, pinching the hardened tip lightly as he thrust into her. She was so close. “Richie.”

He could feel that she was almost ready, “what do you need baby?”

She turned her head, “touch me.” She took his hand and slid it down her body, needing his fingers on her. He shifted his hand, covering hers with his and he watched as she touched herself, throwing herself into a near violent orgasm, her contracting muscles pulling him into his own release.

“Richie?” They had been lying there, quietly, Richie still inside her, when she glanced at the clock and realized they needed to get up. “Hmmm, what?” She tried to move, but he held her fast, “don’t move yet baby.”

She turned her head to look back at him, “we need to get up and get dressed.”

He kissed her, “why’s that?”

She smiled, “you get to meet my friend Jen and her family today. She invited us for brunch.”

He opened his eyes, “should I wear my body armor or just the steel cup?”


Standing on the step waiting for the door to be answered Kara turned to Richie, "you sure you're ready for this?" Before he could answer the door was thrown open and two small bodies hurtled themselves at Kara. "Auntie K!"

Kara knelt down and hugged the girls close, "how're my girls today?"

They kissed her cheeks, "good" they answered in unison. It was only when they stepped back that they realized that Kara wasn't alone. Before the girls had a chance to ask who she had brought with her, Jen appeared in the doorway.

"Girls, let Kara get in before you throw yourselves at her."

Kara laughed, "it's fine Jen, really." They hugged and as they stepped into the foyer, Kara turned to Richie. "Richie, these are my best girls, Madeline and Elizabeth." She pointed to each little girl as she named them. He crouched down, "hi girls, it's very nice to meet both of you." The girls giggled and ran off down the hall. Richie stood and Kara took his hand, "now I'd like you to meet my best friend, this is Jen."

Jen looked from Kara to the tall, dark haired man of many of her fantasies standing next to her. Holy shit, Richie Sambora is standing in my foyer! She had all she could do not to scream the house down. She extended her hand and in a voice that was decidedly none to steady she greeted Richie, "hi Richie, it's nice to meet you."

Knowing full well that she was a fan, Richie took her hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a kiss to the back of it, "the pleasure is most definitely all mine Jen. Thank you for having us over today."

Kara rolled her eyes and shook her head at the scene in front of her. "Jen, where's David?"

She gestured absently behind her, "in the kitchen I think." Kara grabbed her arm and Richie's hand, "come on, let's go find him and see what he made for brunch. I'm starved."

When they got to the kitchen Jen took Kara's arm and directed her toward the back door. "Come with me for a minute."

Kara dragged her heels, "it's freezing outside Jen. What's your problem?"

Jen dragged Kara along, "just come with me!" Kara sighed loudly and followed Jen out to the garage. As soon as the door shut behind them Jen whirled around to look at Kara. "OH MY GOD! Richie freaking Sambora is in my house!"

Kara grabbed Jen's hands, "shhh, he's right in there" she indicated behind her. "Calm down Jen. He's just a guy."

Jen looked at her incredulously, "just a guy? He's Richie Sambora, the man I've had more than one fantasy about Kara. Come on, you know me."

With Jen's hands still in hers Kara tried to calm her friend down. "I know who he is Jen and believe me when I tell you, the band is just his job. He's just a regular guy, just like your husband." Kara stopped for a second, "you want to know something normal about him? Something I bet even David does?"

Jen nodded, maybe it would help. "Sure, what does he do that is so normal?"

Kara closed her eyes, Richie was so going to kill her. "He leaves the toilet seat up."

Jen started laughing. "No way, really?"

Kara nodded, "yep. See, he's just a normal guy."

Jen took a deep breath, "okay, I think I'm all right now." She grabbed bottle of wine from the fridge, "come on let's go back in." She turned to Kara before opening the door, "thanks for not letting me make too big a fool of myself."

Kara nudged her with her shoulder, "you're welcome, now open the damn door, I'm freezing."

Richie and David were talking when the girls came back in. "Everything all right?" Richie had an idea of why Jen hauled Kara off to the garage but he didn't want to embarrass her.

Kara smiled and went to him, "everything is just fine." She kissed his cheek before moving to hug David, "how are you Dave?"

He hugged her back, "just fine Kar. You guys ready to eat?"

The girls jumped up from the game they were playing, "we are! We're starving!" Laughing, the adults made their way to the dining room.

After they had eaten and the girls went back to their game, the adults sat drinking their coffee and the recital at school was brought up. Jen looked pointedly at Kara, "are you nervous?"

She shook her head, "no, not really. Not yet anyway. Ask me again Wednesday night at 6:59."

Jen laughed and looked over at Richie. "Are you going?"

Richie glanced at Kara and then back at Jen, "sadly no, apparently I'm not allowed as I don't have a child in the school."

Jen sighed, "that's too bad."

She looked over at Kara, "isn't there anything you can do about that?"

Kara shook her head, "as much as I want him to be there, it's out of my hands. The tickets went to all the parents, none were given to the teachers." She looked over at Richie, he was just finishing his coffee, "sorry Rich, you know I want you to be there, right?" He nodded, "I do baby, I know." Kara stood, "more coffee?" They all nodded and she left for the kitchen.

Jen leaned over and whispered something to David and he nodded at her. With his permission she turned to Richie, "do you really want to go Wednesday night?"

Richie studied the couple across from him. They were up to something. "I do. What do you have in mind?"

Jen leaned across the table, David'll stay home with the girls and you can come with me."

Richie's eyes widened slightly and he looked over at David, "you sure about that?"

He nodded, "she wants you there more than me Richie. Jen's going to video it anyway, I'll watch it later."

Richie stretched his hand across the table, "thanks man. I appreciate it." he looked conspiratorially at Jen, "let's not tell Kara. I want to surprise her."

Jen grinned, "you got it."

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