Can Kara achieve her dream? Can Richie help?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Chapter 29

Half a world and several time zones away, Richie was sitting at the little table in his room, sipping a diet coke and checking his e-mail. It was early afternoon and he had a blessed few hours to himself before show time. He was pleasantly surprised to see one from Kara and deliberately ignored it until he was finished with the other “work” ones. He noted that there was an attachment before moving on and hoped it was a picture. The video just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

He clicked her note and his fingers itched to open the attachment when he saw it was a photo but he restrained himself, reading her words first. He chuckled at her parting question. He was beginning to love the little back and forth they were doing with the questions and her wit was infectious. He read through the note twice and composed a reply in his head as he clicked the attachment. He immediately lost the mental note and he gasped at the picture on his screen. He stared at it for a full minute before reaching for his phone.

Kara set her book down and reached for the phone, swallowing hard when she saw who it was in the window. “Hello.”

“Princess, I just got your e-mail.”

Kara closed her eyes and laid her head back against the pillow. He didn’t like it was her first thought. “So, are you really color blind?” She tried to ignore the thoughts running in her head.

He chuckled, “I am in certain instances. Your picture took my breath darlin’.” She sat up, he called her darlin’. He hadn’t called her that since they first met.



“You called me darlin’. Is there something wrong? Should I not have sent the picture?” She was getting nervous now.

Richie reviewed the conversation in his head. “Princess, you most certainly should have sent the picture and it has me so worked up that the ‘darlin’ just slipped out. I’m sorry.”

Kara smiled, “Don’t apologize. It’s okay. The picture has you all worked up?”

Richie smoothed a hand over the hard on he was sporting in his sweats. “You have no idea princess. I had been thinking about New Year’s Eve and how you looked when we were on the plane and then you send me this. I just wish you were here to help me out.”

“Help you …, oh.” She grew quiet.

“Princess, you could still help me out if you’re game.” Richie wondered if she would be willing to play this particular game.

“How could I possibly help you from here?” After the words were out of her mouth she immediately knew what he was talking about. “Forget what I just said. I get it.”

Richie smiled, “so, what do you say princess?”

Kara inhaled, “what do you need for me to do?”

Richie chuckled, “you can start by telling me what you are wearing.”

Kara ran her hand down of the front of her and took a breath before answering. “My glasses Richie, I’m wearing my glasses.”

Richie nearly dropped the phone, “is that all you’re wearing princess?” Kara chuckled and lowered her voice as she spoke again, “well, no, but I’m getting to the rest.”

“Damn tease” he growled. “What else?”

Kara fingered the buttons on her night shirt, “a black silk night shirt.”

Richie closed his eyes and, as he brought that image to his mind, his next question came out on a hoarse whisper. “Where are you right now?”

Kara heard the slight change in his voice, “I’m in bed. Are you okay?”

He nodded his head, “just fine. Does your night shirt have buttons?” He slipped his sweats down far enough to release his now straining erection from its confines.

Kara kept her voice low, “it does. Should I open one for you?” She stroked a hand across the front of herself and was mildly surprised to find her nipples hard just from the conversation alone.

“Please” he stroked himself as he could almost see the peek of skin at her chest. Kara did as he asked, undoing not one, but two buttons. “I undid two, and Richie?”

He groaned; “yes princess?”

She was unsure if she should tell him but, having come this far, decided to just go ahead, “my nipples are hard and my breasts ache for your touch.”

He nearly lost it then, but managed to hold himself in check, “princess, touch yourself for me. Close your eyes and feel my hands on your skin.”

With her free hand she opened the last two buttons and let the night shirt fall open, the silk skimming across her already sensitized skin. She ran her hand lightly over herself, kneading and pinching one breast and nipple and then the other. “Richie” her voice was breathy in his ear, and he stroked himself again.

“I’m here princess.”

She shrugged out of the night shirt, “I’m naked now and I wish you were here with me.”

He could see her lying there and his hand pumped faster, “I wish I was there too. Where is your hand right now?”

Kara swallowed, “on my breast.” Her finger had been circling her nipple.

“Slide it down to your belly ring.”

She knew what he wanted, whenever he tugged and played with it, it drove her crazy. “It’s a butterfly today Rich.”

He shook his head, she was slowly killing him; “okay, just play with it, pull on it, feel my mouth on you.”

She closed her eyes and fiddled with the ring, “oh God, Richie.”

He had about all he could take, “princess.”

She breathed deep, trying to focus on his voice, “Rich?”

He continued to stroke himself, “move your hand lower, touch yourself, feel my fingers on you and in you.”

She slid her hand lower, her fingers playing across her clit, tracing circles, increasing the pressure with each pass of her fingers. “Rich… oh I’m…ohhh” she trailed off as her orgasm took her over. She arched off the bed and the phone slipped from her hand as she worked her self through it.

As Richie listened he called to her as he found the relief he so desperately needed. He felt the warmth spill over his hand. He reached for the napkins that were on the table to clean himself up as his breathing slowly returned to normal.

“Princess?” He could hear her breathing in the background. “Princess?”

“Rich?” Her breathing still was harsh.

He tucked himself back into his pants. “Princess, are you okay?”

She took a deep breath, “I think so. I can’t believe I did that.”

Richie chuckled, “first time?”

Kara nodded, “yeah. I bet not for you though, right?”

He shouldn’t have been surprised she asked but he was. “You’d be right about that princess.” He glanced at the clock, “I have to go baby. You get some sleep now and we’ll talk again soon.”

Kara yawned, “okay. Take care Rich. Have a good show.”

They hung up and Richie glanced at the picture on his computer screen again, tracing her face with his fingers “damn woman, how can I be in love with you already?”

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