Can Kara achieve her dream? Can Richie help?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 52

Kara had never been so anxious for school to be over, and apparently she wasn’t the only one. Jake could barely stand still and when Kara wasn’t checking the clock, he was. It was Friday and she was leaving right after school for Philadelphia, for Richie.

When class was over she pulled Jake aside as the other children filed out of the room, “Jake, I know its Friday, but you were awfully fidgety today. What’s going on?”

His smile was so bright Kara couldn’t help but smile with him, “Ms. D’Angelo, we’re going to see Dad this weekend. It’s almost his birthday!”

Kara laughed, “I guess I should have known it was something like that.” She herded him toward the door, “don’t miss your bus and have a good time this weekend.”

He nearly danced out the door, “I will Ms. D’Angelo. See ya!” She shook her head and laughed as he zipped down the hall and around the corner. She was nearly ready to do the same.

Smoothing a hand down the front of her dress she reached for her coat. She smiled to herself hoping Richie liked it. She had bought it with him in mind. It was a chocolate brown cashmere wrap dress. One slip of the tie and the dress would reveal one of her other special purchases. She slipped her coat on, grabbed her purse and headed out to her car.

Three hours later she pulled into the hotel parking lot. Everyone and their brother must have been going to Philadelphia today, traffic had been just awful. Stepping out of the car she got her bag from the trunk and looked up.
Wonder which floor he’s on.

When she approached the desk Kara realized she had no idea how to go about finding out what room he was in. She didn’t know if asking for him by name would get her anywhere but what else could she do? The clerk behind the counter hung up from the call she was on, “hi, welcome to the Four Seasons, how can I help you?”

Kara glanced at the girl’s name tag, “Chrissy, my name’s Kara D’Angelo and I’m here to see…”

Chrissy stopped her, “I know who you’re here to see. He left your name with us. He’s in room 416.”

Kara smiled in relief as Chrissy handed her a key, “thank you.” Chrissy smiled; “enjoy your stay.”

Kara headed to the elevator, “I intend to” muttered softly as the doors slid open.

Richie was waiting impatiently for Kara to arrive. He glanced at the clock; she should have been here an hour ago. Pacing the room again he paused by his laptop and hit play. He could at least listen to her while he was waiting.

The holy voices speaking, words I can't recall.
And I do still believe if I still believe in anything at all.
All you hear in me and all you hear.
I thought I saw you walking down by a street yesterday.
I thought I heard your voice though I could not hear just what you say.
And I am waiting .
and I am waiting.
And I'm waiting here for you. I'm whispering your name.
I am telling to the wind.
Your love has brought me here.
Until I see you again.

I am opening the door.
I will let this moment in.
Your love will find me here. Until I see you again.

And I still can remember as I write down these words.
The music in your voice and the silence of the universe.
And I am singing.
And now I'm singing here for you.

Richie sat on the couch and rested his head against the back. With his eyes closed he listened to Kara’s beautiful voice singing to him. Lost in her voice, he thought he imagined the knock on the door when it came.

I'm whispering your name.
I am telling to the wind.
Your love has brought me here.
Until I see you again.
I am opening the door.
I will let this moment in.
Your love will find me here.
Until I see you again.

When the knock came again he realized he wasn’t imagining things. He quickly crossed the room and opened the door, gazing at her long enough to gauge who was standing there before he dragged her into the room and his mouth came crashing down on hers.

When Kara could find the strength to pull her mouth from Richie’s she gasped for breath, “I’m guessing you’re glad to see me?”

Richie smiled wryly at her, “you have no idea princess.” He went back for a second taste before letting her go. “Where have you been? You’re late.”

Kara stepped around him and surveyed the room while she unbuttoned her coat. “Traffic was unbearable. I thought I’d never get here.” She turned and smiled at him as she slipped off her coat, “must be something going on here in town this weekend. Any ideas what it might be?”

Richie threw his head back and laughed, “I think I have a pretty good idea. Now,” he stalked across the room to her, “come here, I’ve missed you baby.”

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