Can Kara achieve her dream? Can Richie help?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chapter 33

When Richie opened his eyes again he was alone. The soft glow of the bedside lamp was the only light in the otherwise pitch dark room. He reached over and clicked the lamp up so it was brighter and took a look around.

The walls of her room were painted standard apartment beige but she had accented with varying shades of red and gold. The bed he was now enjoying had been covered with a multitude of throw pillows in all shapes and sizes in the many shades of her colors. There were framed prints on the walls, one of which struck Richie for the simplicity of it. It was a gleaming black piano with a piece of sheet music and a rose tossed across the keys. The room and its accents couldn’t have been more her.

As he stood he remembered that his clothes were in the other room. Smiling as he opened the door the scent of coffee and something else wrapped around him. He found his bag in the living room and pulled out a pair of track pants and a t-shirt. He vaguely noticed that the remnants of their trip from door to chair were picked up and coats were hung on the hook by the door. He wandered into the kitchen and stopped.

Kara was at the stove, her back to him. She was wearing the robe had had given her. The color was rich and the pink of the lotus just peeked out through the strands of her dark hair. The belt tied around her waist accented just how tiny she was and it fell nearly to the floor. He wondered if she was wearing anything under it.

He moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, “The robe looks great on you princess.”

She turned her head and kissed his cheek, “thanks. Are you hungry?”

He glanced over her shoulder at the top of the stove. She had made a frittata. “I am actually. This looks great.”

They sat at her table and chatted as they ate. Richie caught Kara’s sigh as she collected their empty plates. “What’s wrong?”

Kara just shook her head, “nothing really. I just can’t believe you’re here a day early.” She frowned, “I have to work tomorrow.”

He waited for her to put the dishes down before reaching out and taking her hand, “that’s okay princess. I’ll go see my mom and maybe Jon. Don’t worry; I know how to keep myself occupied.”

Kara smiled and squeezed his hand, “I’m sure you can keep yourself mostly out of trouble but I’m rehearsing tomorrow too. I was able to get a couple of students from the senior high, a drummer and a guitarist, to help me with the faculty/parent dinner and we planned on getting together tomorrow after school.”

Richie tried to hide his disappointment. “I guess I shouldn’t have changed my plans.”

Kara shook her head “no way, I’m glad you’re here. I’ll just make sure I don’t stay one minute longer than I need to tomorrow. Then I’m yours til Monday.”

Richie tugged her to stand between his legs, “Let’s just enjoy tonight and worry about tomorrow when it comes.”

As she nodded her head in agreement, Richie slid his hands across her hips and his fingers toyed with the tie on the robe, “so” he looked up into her face “are you wearing anything under here?”

Kara licked her bottom lip, “nope.” Richie’s fingers loosened the tie and he slid the robe open, much like he had imagined doing when he had written his last e-mail to her.

His large hands skimmed across her belly and around to her back, pulling her closer. His mouth was warm on her skin as he nuzzled between her breasts. Kara’s breath caught when he took one nipple in his mouth, his tongue gently circling sucking lightly. As he moved to the other Kara’s thumbs caressed his cheeks before her hands twined in his hair.

Pulling his mouth from her breast he peppered her stomach with light kisses, twirling his tongue around her piercing as he turned and pressed her against the table. He urged her to lean back and she met his eyes a question in hers, “Rich?”

He smirked at her, “just lean back princess, I’m ready for dessert.”

Kara laid back, the robe fanned out on either side of her, leaving her to rest on a sea of blue silk. Richie’s eyes scanned her from head to knee, the pink flush of arousal had tinted her skin and she had her eyes closed. “Open your eyes baby.” The blue had darkened and her pupils were dilated. “You’re beautiful” he told her as he dipped his head to taste her.

Kara lay there awash in a sea of sensation as Richie’s mouth and hands played over her. She felt his fingers lightly caressing the sensitive skin of her inner thigh as his tongue delved into her. He drove her to the edge and over more than once, lapping up the sweet honey that flowed from her. He raised his head, her chest was heaving, her breathing labored, “please Richie, please” she begged over and over.

He stood and dropped his track pants to his ankles as he grabbed her legs and tugged her to the edge of the table. “Princess?” He looked up at her as he dragged the broad head of his erection across her sensitive flesh.

She opened her eyes and stared up at him, “God, please NOW Richie!”

He held her hips and slid home in one thrust. Kara arched off the table as her climax overtook her. Richie barely held onto his control as the shudders wracked her. His mouth came down hot and hungry on hers as his hips pounded into her. He slowed his pace as he trailed his lips down her neck and to her breast, taking one hard nipple in his mouth. As he rolled the tip with his tongue his hands shifted Kara’s legs wider and as he pressed deeper he could feel her starting to tighten around him.

He pulled his mouth from her, not wanting to hurt her, “yes baby, yes” he was close, “come with me baby.”

She grabbed his arms, her neck and back arching off the table as she tightened around him, “God Richie!” He moved once more and found his own piece of heaven.

As their breathing eased and heartbeats slowed, Richie pulled himself from her and sat down in a chair. Kara rolled to her side to look at him, “I so have to buy a new table now.”

Richie glanced at the table and then at her, “why’s that, we didn’t break it.”

She smirked, “I’m having this one bronzed.” Richie laughed as he stood and pulled his pants back on.

Later, sated and spent, they lay cuddled together in Kara’s bed, her head resting on his chest, his hand tracing lightly up and down her arm. They spoke quietly in the dark, “what time do you have to get up ?”

She yawned, “the alarm goes off at 6, but I tend to hit the snooze at least twice before dragging myself out of bed.” She felt him wince and she looked up at him, “what?”

He hugged her, “you get up that early every day?”

Kara laughed, “well we can’t all be rock stars and sleep all day. Us normal people have to get up with the birds and trudge off to the office to make our living.”

Richie chuckled, “It must suck to be normal then.”

Kara laughed and reached behind her, “you know, it does sometimes” she told him as she smacked him with a pillow.

When the alarm sounded in the morning Kara reached over and shut it off, not wanting to wake Richie. She regretfully eased herself from under his arm and out of the bed. She pulled on her robe and headed to the kitchen to start her coffee before wandering to the bathroom for her shower.

Being as quiet as she could Kara rummaged in her closet for clothes and in the top drawer of her dresser for her underwear. She decided to wear the blue set he had gotten for her and topped it off with a black cashmere wrap sweater and dark red slacks. A spray of perfume and a grab of shoes and she was ready. Richie hadn’t budged. She approached his side of the bed and gently kissed his cheek before leaving the room.

She left a note for him, poured coffee into a travel mug, snatched a cereal bar and an apple, buttoned her coat and was out the door to start her day; a day that was going to be all too long knowing who was waiting at home for her.

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