Can Kara achieve her dream? Can Richie help?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 45

Richie slid his hands up and down Kara’s back before stepping back and sucking in a breath, “come on princess, let’s go.” He helped her with her coat before taking her hand. Together they weaved their way through the throng of people that were still milling about.

Once in the car she turned to Richie, “are you going to tell me how you wheedled Dave out of his ticket for tonight?”

He smiled and started the car. “It was Jen’s idea. They offered it on Sunday when we were over there for brunch.”

Kara smiled broadly and kissed him soundly on the cheek, “I’ll have to remember to thank them the next time I see them.”

He noticed that her voice was sounding raspy again. “Let’s get home and I’ll make you some tea. You’re voice sounds a little rough.”

Kara stroked his leg lightly, letting her hand come to rest dangerously high on his thigh, “I can think of something else I’d rather have.”

Richie grabbed her hand, “princess I’ll be more than happy to oblige when we get back to your place. Just don’t make me crash the car.” Kara left her hand on his thigh, every so often stroking her fingers over him, as the fingers of her other hand walked up his chest and found their way inside his shirt to play with the light smattering of hair.

The car jerked to a stop at the red light and Richie blew out a breath, “Princess, are you trying to kill us both?”

She smiled as she leaned closer and traced his ear with her tongue, “do you want me to stop?”

He shook his head, “yes… no… shit” the light changed and he turned his attention to the road, trying to block out what she was doing to him.

They made it back to Kara’s and Richie slammed the car in park as he turned to kiss her, only to growl when the seatbelt got in the way. “Fuck, let’s go inside princess.”

As the door clicked shut behind them Richie had his hands on Kara’s coat, helping her out of it and pressing her up against the wall before she could comprehend what he was doing. His hands found the hem of her dress and started to slide up as his mouth came down hungrily on hers. She pulled her mouth from his, turning her head slightly so she could speak. “Richie, wait, here?”

He kissed down her neck and into the vee of her dress. “I’m not taking another step. You started this in the car, I’m finishing it. Right here.” His mouth ate at hers again as his hands slid further up, bunching her dress around her waist.

Kara fumbled with the buttons on Richie’s shirt as his fingers unsnapped her garters and delved inside her panties. She groaned against him when she felt the pop at her hip and his fingers pushed inside. She nearly crumpled to the floor when his thumb slid across her clit. “God Rich.” Pushing his shirt open she pressed her mouth to his chest as her hands found his belt.

When he felt her hand wrap around him, Richie paused, groaning as she stroked him. He pulled his hand from her, shoved his pants down over his hips and lifted her leg up to wrap around him. He pulled her hand away from him and slipped inside her as their mouths clashed again. Kara lifted her other leg and Richie slid in further groaning at the slick heat that enveloped him. “Fuck Princess.” He wrapped his arm around her, holding her to him and braced the other arm on the wall as he moved in her.

Kara groaned and gripped Richie’s shoulders, her nails digging in as his hips pistoned in and out of her. He shifted, holding her closer, thrusting harder as he felt her tighten around him. With one last thrust he spilled himself inside her, their cries of release echoing around them.

Kara rested her head against the wall, “Jesus Rich, where did that come from?”

He pressed a kiss to her neck and shoulder before raising his head to look at her. “I don’t know, you tell me. This all started in the car. I was just following your lead.”

She unwrapped her legs from his waist and he helped to steady her on her feet, “must have been the adrenaline from performing combined with the fact that I was so happy to see you there. I don’t know. I was feeling so many different things; I guess this is how they chose to express themselves.”

Richie smiled and pulled his pants back up, “your feelings can express themselves at me anytime princess.”

Kara rolled her eyes and laughed, “come on let’s go to bed.”

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