Can Kara achieve her dream? Can Richie help?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chapter 53

Richie pulled Kara to him, his mouth unrelenting on hers. Their tongues wrapped around each other, tasting and teasing. Richie's hands searched Kara's back for the zipper of her dress, "no zipper" he mumbled against her lips.

Kara nibbled along his jaw, "tie at the waist." His fingers fumbled with the knot for the slightest moment before the dress fell open and he pushed it off her shoulders.

He pulled his mouth from hers as the dress slipped away. "God baby you look so good." He fingered the lacy edge of her bra and up the strap, his fingers drawing light circles on her shoulder. "Is this new?"

She nodded as her hands wandered up the front of his shirt, unbuttoning it as she went. "I did some shopping this week." She had bought the dusky violet lace bra and g-string knowing that purple was his favorite color.

Richie lowered his head, nibbling at her shoulder as he pushed at the strap, "what else did you get?"

Kara's chuckle got lost as his nimble fingers found her hardened nipple through the lace of the bra. "I'll show you later." She dragged his mouth back to hers. He walked them toward the bed, pulling his shirt off as they went.

Depositing her on the bed he moved to her feet. Slowly he worked the zipper of her boots, dropping each one to floor before slowing caressing her legs from ankle to thigh, rolling her stockings down and tossing them somewhere behind him. When he stepped back, Kara propped herself up on her elbows to watch him. As he reached for his belt she sat up and stopped him. "Let me." His belt clanged to the floor and she stroked him through his pants before releasing the button and zipper. Pushing the jeans down over his hips she had him in her mouth before they hit the floor.

Richie closed his eyes and his muscles tensed as he fought the urge to let go and just fuck her mouth. When she took him deep and he felt the back of her throat he had to stop her. "Kara, baby, stop." She slid her mouth slowly up the length of him, her tongue swirled around the head and his eyes slammed shut against the need to just let go in her mouth. He pushed her back slightly, letting her fall back on the bed. Crawling up with her he reached for her panties, tugging them down and off.

He lay next to her, his hands skimming over her, her skin like silk under his calloused fingertips. As his fingers reacquainted themselves with her body, his lips caressed her jaw, nuzzled her neck, nipped at the hollow between her neck and shoulder, relearning the flavor that was Kara. When he slipped two fingers easily into her heated flesh Kara groaned and her hips arched from the bed. He pumped his fingers in and out and when his thumb brushed across her clit, her release rushed through her leaving her trembling.

Richie moved over her, slipping into her, burying himself to the hilt in one measured thrust. He closed his eyes against the exquisite heat and tightness of her, his control perilously close to slipping. When she moved under him, he couldn’t fight the need any longer. He pounded into her, hoping she was as close as he was. Kara wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer, driving him deeper. He thrust one final time, pouring himself into her, her muscles draining him of all he had to give.

For several long moments the only sound in the room was the heaving of their breaths. “Rich?”

He turned his head, “hmmm?”

Kara tried to move, “can you pull the blankets up?”

He reached down and tugged the blankets up. “Better?”

She curled into him, nodding her head against his sweaty chest, “yeah.” Wrapping his arm around her, his hand idly stroked her up and down.

Frowning, he moved so he could see her. “Princess?”

With her eyes closed she didn’t see his frown. “Hmmm, what is it Rich?”

"You've lost weight."

She nodded, "I don’t really eat when I’m sick."

Richie’s protective instinct kicked in and he sat up, “well maybe we should get you some food. You need to eat, what do you want?”

Kara sat up next to him, laying a hand on his chest, “Rich, stop. If you want to get dinner, that’s fine. But the few pounds I lost aren’t a big deal. Don’t worry, they’ll come back. Unfortunately.” She coughed, “I wish this would go away though. The sore throat could go too for that matter.”

Richie cupped her chin and tilted her face up so he could see her, “princess, I like your curves so I hope the ‘few pounds’ do come back and your cough and sore throat will go away.” He pressed a soft kiss to her lips, “now, what do you want to eat and can we have that fashion show later?”

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