Can Kara achieve her dream? Can Richie help?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chapter 38

Kara looked down at her hands and then back up at Richie. His eyes, usually full of smiles and mischief, were now dark with worry and concern. “Because of you.”

Without taking his eyes off of hers he laced their fingers together, “tell me.”

She looked down at their intertwined fingers, “when my mom was still alive her and Jen were my biggest supporters. She, like you, wanted me to do something with my voice. Then Greg came along and we thought ‘this is it, it’s going to happen.’ You know what happened after that. He screwed me over, left me high and dry; then my mom and dad died. Other than Jen, I lost the people who believed in me the most. I decided that was it, I was done. My dream was over. I went back to school got my teaching degree and tried my damnedest to forget.”

She paused, looking up at him, “then, on Christmas Eve, in the most unlikely place, I met you. You’ve made me remember. You’ve helped me find my passion for the music again. You believe in me and are helping me to believe in myself again.”

Richie pulled his hand from hers and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close “princess, you have a gift, one that should be shared and I’m more than happy to be the one that helps you do that. How could I not believe in someone who has a natural talent that most people would give their right arm to have?” He paused, pulling back and turning slightly so he could see her face, “I have never been happier to have been in church on Christmas Eve than I was this past year princess. Meeting you was the best gift I could have been given.” He tilted her head up and pressed his lips to her forehead.

She sighed, “thank you” before reaching up and pressing her lips to his, kissing him gently.

Rising from the bench Kara took a few steps and turned to look at him, “Wednesday night is the faculty/parent night. I have to admit, I’m more than a little nervous just thinking about it. I just wish you could be there.”

He stood and went to her, “you’re going to be great. I wish I could be there too, maybe I can call Jon and he can leave his phone on so I can listen in.”

Kara smiled and wrapped her arms around him, “it’s not the same as being there, but I guess that will have to do.”

Richie swung her up into his arms. “Let’s go back to bed.” He carried her back to the bedroom and set her on her feet next to the bed. He worked the tie of her robe loose and slid it off her shoulders, letting it pool at her feet, exposing her creamy skin. His lips were soft and warm as they caressed her shoulder and nipped their way up to her neck. She felt his warm breath at her ear, “turn your brain off” he whispered before trailing the tip of tongue around the shell of her ear.

She shivered and put everything out of her mind, everything but what he was doing, how he was making her feel.

Easing her down onto the bed he dropped his pants to the floor and lay down next to her, taking her in his arms. As their mouths met in a tortuously slow kiss, Richie’s hands moved over her body, his fingers touch every bit of bare skin he could reach. When they slid lower, through the dark curls and into her heat she pulled her mouth from him, his name rolling off her tongue on a groan.

He pulled her over on top of him, letting her take him into her warmth. “Jesus princess you feel so good.” She sat up and rolled her hips, watching his eyes nearly cross as she did. She stretched her arms letting her fingers comb through her hair before leaning back and letting the dark mass sweep across Richie’s thighs. He reared up, “God baby,” he flipped them and drove into her. She had him so close he could barely control himself. She wrapped her self around him and met each thrust. When he dipped his head and took her nipple into his mouth he felt the tell tale tightening and with a final thrust he spilled into her, their shouts of release echoing in the room.

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